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Individual machining according to your specifications

Whether modern computer-aided design (CAD/CAM)
or conventional techniques,
We offer cost-effective solutions for all workpieces.
Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you!
Process Dimensions
Gear Cutting
Hobbing Ø 1600 mm, Module XXL
Shaping Ø 3000 mm, Module XXL
Worm Ø 250 mm, Module XXL
Long threads Ø 250 mm, length2000 mmL
Straight/helical bevel gears Ø 3800 mm, Module XXL
Palloid bevel gears Ø 650 mm, Module 8
Spline shaft profiles Ø 500 mm, DIN ISO, Special
Key seating
Broaching width 22 mm
Key seating width 70 mm, length 450 mm
Slotting Ø 800 mm, length 600 mm
Gear teeth profile grinding
Spur gear Ø 700 mm, Module XXL
Worm Ø 350 mm, Module 12
Conventional Ø 450 mm x 1000 mm
CNC (horizontal) Ø 1150 mm x 2000 mm
CNC (vertical) Ø 1250 mm x 1000 mmL
CNC/BAZ X 1200 mm, Y 530 mm, Z 540 mm
External grinding Ø 320 mm, length 1000 mm
Internal grinding Ø 500 mm, length 400 mmL
Coordinate test machine/gear checking machine
3D X 905 mm, Y 1005 mm, Z 605 mm