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Individual machining according to your specifications

Whether modern computer-aided design (CAD/CAM)
or conventional techniques,
We offer cost-effective solutions for all workpieces.
Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you!
Gear Cutting
HobbingØ 1600 mm, Module XXL
ShapingØ 3000 mm, Module XXL
WormØ 250 mm, Module XXL
Long threadsØ 250 mm, length2000 mmL
Straight/helical bevel gearsØ 3800 mm, Module XXL
Palloid bevel gearsØ 650 mm, Module 8
Spline shaft profilesØ 500 mm, DIN ISO, Special
Key seating
Broachingwidth 22 mm
Key seatingwidth 70 mm, length 450 mm
SlottingØ 800 mm, length 600 mm
Gear teeth profile grinding
Spur gearØ 700 mm, Module XXL
WormØ 350 mm, Module 12
ConventionalØ 450 mm x 1000 mm
CNC (horizontal)Ø 1150 mm x 2000 mm
CNC (vertical)Ø 1250 mm x 1000 mmL
CNC/BAZX 1200 mm, Y 530 mm, Z 540 mm
External grindingØ 320 mm, length 1000 mm
Internal grindingØ 500 mm, length 400 mmL
Coordinate test machine/gear checking machine
3DX 905 mm, Y 1005 mm, Z 605 mm